Sepiolite Fiber

Sepiolite is a silicate clay mineral in fibre form which is rich in magnesium.It is also called magnesium and silicate mineral in moisture chain layers. It can be divided into soil Sepiolite (Stereoplasm sepiolite) came from deposition, and massiveness Sepiolite (light Sepiolite) came from hydrothermal deposit.

Main Uses :
1)It can be used to purify oils, to make medical casing, to make organic coolant in refining atomic reactors, to absorb radioactive waste. The processed sepiolite mixed with some active carbon is an ideal material in making filter tips for cigarettes.
2)Mixed with cement, it helps to reduce contraction and leave no gaps and leak no water. Added in painter, the quality of the painter will improve .
3)It can be used as the fine mud material in well drilling for terrestrial heat, for petroleum and halite. It is applied for deep well drilling particularly .
4)It can be used to make soap and detergent in place of fatty acid, to improve quality and clearance.
5)Used as additives of cosmetics , it can absorb the bacteria. Mixed with glass fibre, sepiolite can be made into inorganic noncombustible paper.